If there’s any criticism to be leveled against Girl Friday, it’s that it’s likely to leave the listener with a vague sense of annoyance that they weren’t there in the room. Whatever the topic and whomever the guest, it always seems like it was a pretty good time. That’s especially the case for this week’s episode, in which Rachel Bloom—co-creator and star of CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend—joins Erin Gloria Ryan, Amanda Duarte, and Briana Haynie in the studio to kind of talk about her cult-hit musical comedy, but mostly to indulge in both current events and whatever cultural flotsam drifts into the conversation. Bloom is an exceptionally gifted talker with a lot of illustrative anecdotes from the trenches of her many creative endeavors. The three regulars have an enviable rapport all on their own, but when a guest like Bloom comes in and really vibes with their frequency, it makes for a particularly fun show. If it’s not already, Girl Friday should be listed alongside Pod Save America as essential listening for #TheResistance. With its irreverence and mockery of the patriarchy, it’s a soothing balm after a week of painful news.